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    “IAMTUNE” is a former independent artist from the Carolina's.
    Born in Syracuse NY on FEB 4th 1993, IAMTUNE was raised in a small home in Raleigh NC. 24 year old William aka "IAMTUNE” (a father of 3) has been realizing his passion of music since he was 17 years old and has been in love with the sound of music since a child. IAMTUNE has all ways been very active , ambitious , and willing to strive towards the next level in his career.


    IAMTUNE has been through many struggles just like any other young man but one thing he kept was his Faith towards what he believed in. IAMTUNE has been moving state to state to enhance his career through networking and with collabs with other Indy artist, major artist, producers and super producers.


    IAMTUNE also has been traveling to attend and perform shows to promote his brand at a variety of venues such as House of Blues and the Apache Lounge. As of today IAMTUNE continues to advance to the next levels in his career with his collaboration with Chinaman Records